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Way OT: New Group 
22nd-Sep-2005 09:52 am
laugh as only an evil kitty knows how
Since we are supposedly in a thirty/forty year cycle of more hurricanes I created a new group. It's for typhoons too. ^__^ I have ideas for it to be a kind of general group and open. LOL



Join if y'all want. ^_^

Crossposted to all my groups. ^_^

My note: For those that don't know I live in Texas. Far inland but, still. ^_^
22nd-Sep-2005 11:37 am (UTC)
It seems like a good idea for a community, but why do you seem so happy about it? I lived in Houston for 16 years and will be back next summer to go to Rice U, and all of my friends are there. I'm worried sick about all of Houston and Galveston and my family in Louisiana... I don't understand why so many people are acting so nonchalant and making smiley faces about this horrible hurricane.
22nd-Sep-2005 03:46 pm (UTC)
Your missreading me.

I'm not I just wanted it to look 'nice'. I live in Fort Worth so I'm still in the western reach of it unless, of course, it switches back. Then I'll be in the path. We'll get a rain either way and possibly tornados. Some of my family and friends evacuated. So, it's not like I am being nonchalant.

It's the only way I can think of to make it look nice since I am asking people to join. It's kind of me saying please without saying it.

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