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1st-Jul-2006 12:17 pm
laugh as only an evil kitty knows how
Happy International Day of Slash y'all!!! Anyways, my recs I promised. ^__^

Pass it along. ^__~

Just so everyone knows just 'cause I don't rec everyone on my f-list that writes doesn't mean I don't adore y'all all. I'm just trying to get a variety. ^__~

1) Classic rec (a fic that is more than two years old)
Just Push Play by Slim and Without Me JC/Lance, AU RPS *NSYNC
The road less traveled by ghettogreta JC/Lance AU RPS *NSYNC
The Kindest Mortals by Kat Allison Two guys talking. Set after The Modern Prometheus Higlander
2) Newbie rec (a fic that is less than two years old)
beren_writes Corruption Series. Awesome. Harry/Draco and totally AU.
3) An author rec beren_writes She writes HP, Virus Buster Serge, Supernatural, Anita Blake and a couple of other fandoms. Wonderful fics all. ^__~
creedcascade X-men, Fastlane, The Professionals and lot's of others. One of these day's I'll have to go to a convention that's she's going to and 'stalk' her. ^__~
4) A fandom rec The Faculty You must read Void by wax_jism Casey/Zeke/Delilah Yeah ... it's awesome though.
5) A site rec WWOMB

1) How did you get into slash? Your first story? Fandom? Author?
What were you're thoughts on it? Did you think 'OMG other people like me! Squee!!'?

Let's see my Mom remember's me insisting that Top Gun had male/male couple's so, I've definately been doing it since I was ten but, she does say also that I sometimes looked confused during some that I now think are very slashy. LOL
First discovered zines from my Aunt. All the ones are gen but, I'm half afraid to ask her if she's got slash ones. LOL
I first discovered slash on the net but, in '99 or '98. Was really small then. I do remember discovering Yahoo groups when it was ... egroups. For some reason I think it was something before that. I remember it have lot's of those adds for porn links. LOL
I think some of the first I discovered where kind of gen groups but, I think some of the first I joined where actually *NSYNC slash groups. LOL Then I found others. I always knew there had to be other slashers but, I didn't realize how many. LOL

2) Current fav author's, fics, fandoms. What about slashy movies, books, tv shows, amime, manga, etc recs?
Let's see I would totally rec reading X-men fics but, the Bobby/Gambit pairing. ^__~ Gambit still hasn't appeared in the movie series but, after Wolverine the most popular character. Actually him and Wolverine get paired all the time.
Gravitation is one of my favorite manga series. Basically turns into a crack!fic. LOL. Fake is awesome and so is Legal Drug.
Slashy movies: JPIII, Skulls (the first one), Red Dragon, Chronicles of Riddick/Pitch Black, The Forsaken, The Faculty, Blade III, Star Wars (all) and the Thirteenth Warrior. (Probably more but, that's all I can think of right off.)
TV series: Andromeda (until you-know-who left), Quantum Leap, SGA, SG1, Star Trek (any version), Firefly, Miracles, The Dead Zone, Highlander, Battlestar Gallatica, and of course more that I can't think of now.
Books: C.S. Friedman, C.J. Chyrrh, Katherine Kurtz, Tanya Huff, Gordon R. Dickson, David Drake, and of course probably more. ^__~

I'll post mine later on today. ^_~
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