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alex_book_club's Journal

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Alexander the Great book club.

Our sister group is alexanderfics and alexander_rpfic.

List Mommy's rules of the group.

1) Honest critique is wonderful. Bashing, slamming, or whatever is not. Please, be as polite as possible with your responses. I will handle it if someone is being too rude and will take them out of the group if I feel it is warrented.

2) Fiction is fiction and non-fiction ... well, all of the contempories of Alexander that wrote, their knowledge has been lost. Since this is a pet peeve of mine, point/tell us your source and look at it with a critical eye. Every author that has written about him and his time period had their own prejudice.

3) Label Off topics or OT as that. This a book club only.

4) Read an Alexander book and it is not apart of this month's list. As long as you label it with spoiler warnings it's okay.

5) Spoiler space! Use lj cut whenever you are posting your review. Not everyone reads at the same pace.

6) I can be wrong but, I will tell you if I think something should not be on here. You have one warning. Second time you did it I will take you off the group. I will take some things into consideration though.

7) I may add more rules later on.

Any other suggestions? Thoughts?

List Mommy